Our People

Ask a client or someone who works at Bain what makes Bain unique, and you will get the same answer every time: the people. Our people bring passion, collaboration and rigor to all our work, including work with organizations to solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
“Our $1 billion pro bono commitment is a declaration of who we are and how we have chosen to live our values. With the recent social and political reality, the urgency and moral imperative for us to engage and give back—as individuals and as a corporate citizen—have only become greater.”
Vikki Tam, Global Practice Leader, Social Impact, Bain & Company

Over 70% of Bain employees engage in social impact work. In addition to case teams, there are a number of other ways for our people to make a difference, from office Green Teams to local Community Impact Days. We call this our “Extra 10%”—it’s the additional time and energy we give, on top of our daily responsibilities, to make Bain and our communities better. We mentor underserved youth, we support social entrepreneurs in launching their dream, and we help reduce our environmental footprint. While many of us do full months-long projects with social sector organizations, others commit to volunteer projects on top of their existing client work, and some even take time away from Bain to pursue social impact externship opportunities around the world.

There are many ways to give an “Extra 10%” at Bain, from getting involved in an affiliation group to volunteering in and fund-raising for our communities.


Extra 10 Projects

Bain employees around the world, from associate consultants to partners, participate in Extra 10 consulting projects each year. Volunteer teams provide consulting advice to small nonprofits and social enterprises to help them tackle specific strategic challenges. We have done hundreds of such cases over the past few years.

We provide several formalized Extra 10 casework programs. Globally, we partner with Acumen to support Acumen Fellows leading social enterprises all over the world. One example: a Dallas team helping Clinic5, a network of health clinics serving low-income customers in Pakistan, to develop a growth strategy. Over the years we have supported hundreds of innovative local organizations. In New York, for example, we partner with Blue Ridge Labs, a Robin Hood Foundation venture, to support promising start-ups that are leveraging technology to build innovative solutions to challenges faced by low-income New Yorkers.


Affiliation Groups

Through our global affiliation groups our people get involved in specific causes they care about, such as the following.

  • The Global Development Network (GDEV) is a grassroots network that connects and mobilizes hundreds of us who share a passion for global development. The network holds educational events and offers opportunities for employees to support social enterprises in developing markets through globally coordinated Extra 10 projects.
  • Green Teams leverage office-level “green communities,” people passionate about reducing our environmental impact, to champion sustainability. These employee-led teams identify and carry out environmentally sustainable practices in their local offices and share best practices globally.
Bain employees prepped and painted a base coat for a large outdoor mural at Mission Hill School on the Boston office's annual Community Impact Day.

Volunteering & Fund-raising

We embrace grassroots community service, encouraging employees to support the causes they care most about. Bain offers many opportunities to volunteer in our communities, including officewide Community Impact Days around the globe. In addition, offices offer volunteer opportunities year-round with local schools and other nonprofit community organizations. We tutor at local schools, serve meals at homeless shelters, provide tax prep assistance to low-income families and much more.

Over the last few years we have contributed over 100,000 hours of volunteer service and raised millions of dollars for local nonprofits.

Below are just a couple of examples of the creative ways local Bain teams give back to their communities:

  • Dare Month: One month every year the Australia offices raise money by daring one another to do funny things; one employee directs a dare and a pledge to another individual via an office-wide email, and others can add to the pledge. Funds are pooled at the end of the month and shared with local nonprofits.
  • Speed Mentoring Day: Every year our London office hosts a “speed mentoring day” that has now been copied by offices all around the globe. The offices invite start-ups to one-day strategy workshops where we dedicate Bain people to each start-up to review their current strategies, value proposition, market positioning, capability needs, investment plans and organizational skills. We also help them practice their pitch skills in front of our partners and guest experts.



For those who wish to truly immerse themselves in social impact work, Bain offers the opportunity to do a six-month externship, and since 2014, hundreds of us have worked with more than 80 social impact organizations. In addition, we work with our enduring social impact partners—Endeavor, Acumen, the Ethiopia Agribusiness Accelerator Platform, Accion Venture Lab, KIPP, The Nature Conservancy—as well as Bridgespan to design exclusive, high-impact externship roles for our people. Read on to learn more about these exclusive opportunities and how they have enriched the personal and professional experience of people at Bain.

“These involve Bain embedding its young leaders in externships at Acumen initiatives in the field … after which they come back with a different level of understanding of things. … It makes them better leaders.”
Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Acumen, at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference
Benedek Csorba
Acumen investee Tulaa, Kenya/Ghana

Tulaa is a digital agribusiness that helps farmers in Kenya and Ghana access both inputs and buyers through its virtual marketplace. Benedek spent most of his externship designing a new service connecting smallholder farmers to large-scale agricultural buyers, and driving sales efforts.

“The externship allowed me to appreciate the extent to which strategy can have a direct impact on people’s lives. Seeing farmers succeed and be able to support their family as a result of strategic choices Tulaa makes has been truly eye-opening.”
Shalini Chudasama
Bridgespan, Mumbai

Shalini spent six months at Bridgespan Mumbai, where she worked on a growth strategy for an Indonesian family foundation hoping to increase the impact of their philanthropic funds.

“My experience as an extern at Bridgespan Mumbai was a rewarding way to apply my Bain consulting experience to complex social challenges and learn more about global development, all while continuing my own professional development.”
Jack Struthers
Endeavor Kenya, Kenya

Jack worked with the newly established Endeavor Kenya office and with two of Endeavor Kenya’s entrepreneurs—Cellulant, a pan-African payments company, where he investigated and prioritized new products and markets; and Eclectics, a white-label mobile banking software business, where he worked on growth strategy.

“I especially learned a lot from the entrepreneurs I worked with, who had a real hustling mindset in terms of giving everyone the remit to think outside of their individual role and in terms of what makes sense for the business. If you have a good idea, they will just send you off to get it done!”
Chenyu Ren
Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, Ethiopia

Chenyu spent his externship working with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency helping to launch and operationalize an agribusiness incubator and accelerator.

“Being able to work with local entrepreneurs directly, advising them on the most crucial business and social impact problems they face is, to me, highly inspiring.”
Andrea Arroyo
Social Business Trust, London

Andrea’s role was to screen the market to find outstanding social enterprises in the UK, work closely with their leaders to understand their needs, and then provide any required support through Social Business Trust’s corporate partners.

“One of the key things that I’ve learned is the sheer number of social entrepreneurs that are out there, with passion, resilience and drive, and they are coming up with the most amazing solutions to the problems that they’re trying to solve. It’s incredibly inspiring.”
Aaras Shah
KIPP DC, Washington DC

Aaras helped KIPP DC refine its grading system to promote greater consistency and improve alignment to KIPP’s values.

“I had the opportunity to spend time in our schools observing and speaking with students, teachers and other staff members. It really helped me contextualize my work and give a human element to the changes that I was proposing.”
Paul Rasmussen
Accion Venture Lab, Washington DC

Accion Venture Lab is a seed-stage impact fund, investing in innovative early-stage fintech businesses around the world. Paul spent his externship helping start-ups in India, Colombia and Brazil refine and focus their strategies, and assessing dozens of US-based financial inclusion companies for investment.

“While at Venture Lab, I used the business expertise that I’ve gained at Bain to help scale innovations which can transform the financial lives of the poor around the world. I worked with inspirational people, learned new skills and left with a vision of how mission-oriented, talented people can create tangible change.”